How to get motivated

最近发现了一个关于如何让自己 motivated 的方法视频,整理了一下 PPT 里的内容,感觉部分方法确实适合我自己。在这里分享给大家。

1. Get ready the night before

  • Clean your desk
  • Get everything that you need within reach
    • pens, paper, charges …
  • Make a to-do list
  • Choose your clothes for the next day.

2. Write a to-do list everyday

  • Have a clear plan of what you need to do
  • Spread out your tasks over the week to have realistic expectations
  • Easy, difficult, long, short tasks to keep totivation throughout the day

Using what works best for you:

Microsoft To-Do

3. Block your time in your calendar

4. Use the Pomodoro method to manage your time & tasks

  1. Pick a task
  2. Start a 25-minutes timer - FOCUS TIME
  3. Take a 5 minutes break - you just finished 1 pomodoro session
  4. After 4 pomodoros, take a longer 15 - 30 min break

Choose your personal session and breaks.

5. Using virtual study group

6. Use time tracking

To motivate you as see how much work you did.

7. Start your day with an easy task that you WANT to do

8. Create a study routine and build habits

When motivation is low, your routine and habits hat you’ve built will come to the rescue.

  • Create a story routine
  • Iteratively improve it + make it realistic for you
  • Then it will less be anout motivation.

9. Remember WHY you want to get these tasks done.

Write it down, and go back to the note when you’re lacking motivation

10. Create a motivating poster in front of your desk!

11. Make studying fun

  • Create flashcards -> Quizlet
  • Watch online videos

12. Trick your brain with the 2 minute rule

“Ok, I know I don’t fell like studying right now. But, I’m going to get up, go to my desk, and work for 2 minutes. If I still don’t feel like it, I can stop working.”

13. Exercise and come back to work.

14. Join a study Discord community!

15. Still can’t find motivation? Take a productive break!